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Champange Lete-Vautrain 2012

​Was deemed one of the best vintages the Champagne region has ever experienced. This champagne is not just for yearly celebrations. Can be served at family weekend gatherings. Pairing with fruit, cheeses, appetizers or just sipping.

CA Fulan Moscato Cuvee Adriana

​Slightly sweet and spumante version of moscato. Notes of white peaches. Pairs well as a perfect apertif, cheese and fruit, and an accompaniment to desserts.

Rosa de toscana Giuliano Rosati

​Earthy, cherry, raspberry, blackberry & black cherry notes. Pairs well with - beef, lamb, veal, poultry, and cured meats. Let's not forget pasta as well.

​Fritz Windirch Niersteiner Spiegelberg Riesling

​Expresses a gorgeous Floral Aroma with a hint
of peaches, perfect pairing with Cheeses and Poultry [especially Turkey.]

Prosecco Griffa

​An Italian Sparkling Dry Wine, pairs with a wide range of Cuisine. It can be an aperitif or alongside an Entrée.

Litu Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Chilean

​This cab has an Intense purple color, Aromas of red fruits with accent of herbs and spices, pairs well with all red meats, Lamb and Ahi Tuna. It can be used to makes a great sauce or reduction as well.

Cascada Peak Malbec 2018 Argentinean

​This Malbec has Dark Purple color, on the nose Blackberries, Raspberries, Tart Cherries and Vanilla. Pairs well with Red Meats and Lamb, Poultry and Cheeses,

Rode Cellars Ca White Zinfandel

​Rode Cellars wines are inspired b the majestic scenery of select California wineries where the unspoiled landscape of lush vineyards meet a glistening sunset. At Rode Cellars the pace of life is slow and time dances idly throughout the vines. Pairs well with chicken, fish, pork, salads and desserts.

Dry Oak Aged Blueberry Wine

Very dry with nose forward Blueberry. Oaking adds a smoother taste. This will pair well with Steak or Lamb and Cheeses.

Sweet Oak Aged Blueberry Wine

Fresh Blueberry Color and Flavor again the oak tannins add a smoothness. It pairs well with Red meats, Salmon or a Stew as well as cheeses.

Blackberry & Blueberry Wine

​​A combination of tastes, you will taste Blueberry first then Blackberry right behind it. Pairs well with Steaks, Fish or Pasta -also makes wonderful Sangria.

Strawberry Wine

​Makes you feel like you are sitting in Our Fields with a bowl of fresh grown Strawberries, pairs well with desserts.

Sunset Sangria

​Grapes from North Florida made here at Masaryk Winery. This is a blend of Carlos Grapes with the Flavors of Peach, Orange and Passion Fruit. Can be served as a dessert wine or just a beautiful wine to sit and sip by the pool.


​Although made here at Masaryk Winery this wine is a selection of the finest Merlot grapes available, aged on Medium Toasted French Oak Skins on, pairs well with All Red Meats, Poultry, as well as Seafood and Cheeses.

Blackberry Wine

​Smooth with vibrant fruitiness of succulent blueberries. Pairs well with cheeses, steaks, salads, appetizers and desserts. Also makes a wonderful sangria.

Peach on the Beach

Peach and citrus flavors. Great by the pool or beach. Pairs well with spicy dishes, chicken, stir fry, salads, cheeses and as a dessert wine.


The Carlos muscadine is the standard grape used to make white muscadine wine. Our Carlos has been compared to a N.Y. ice wine or a moscato. Pairs well with spicy foods and bbq meats. also a nice wine just for sipping.